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Asefa (ah-say-fah): (noun, from Hebrew) A collective, assembly or gathering, with purpose.

The collective, here being musicians sharing in a discursive language of song, present for their audience a musical text. Experiencing a moment in time, captured only by our senses, we are all uplifted together in a gathered experience of the Divine.

The Band
In the spirit of gathering and community, Asefa is led by Samuel R Torjman Thomas and includes in the core collective Elie Massias, Eric Platz, Noah Jarrett, Richard Stein and Yoshie Fruchter. A necessary dynamic of any collective is its fluidity. Thus, depending on the occasion, Asefa expands its tapestry of sound with a wide range of fellow musicians.

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The Music
Asefa was founded in 2001 by bandleader, composer and ethnomusicologist Samuel Torjman Thomas. Focused primarily on incorporating elements from Moroccan and jazz-based musical traditions, Asefa traverses a wide musical landscape that can include repertoire from Israel, Persia, Poland and America . Thomas' arrangements and original compositions, imbued with contemporary concepts in improvisation and instrumentation, reflect a spirit of music making integral in our days.

In Concert
  In clubs and on stages worldwide, Asefa blends North African grooves, Sephardi sounds with jazz and popular music sensibilities. Vocals, Sax, guitars, oud, bass, guimbri, drums, and loads of percussion rock the house and get the crowd moving everytime. Based in NYC, Asefa is a collective of some of the area's most talented musicians.

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Private Events
  Asefa creates a musical tapestry for your special occasion or event. Asefa can perform a wide array of musical styles with a very high level of musicality. Whether its a wedding, a corporate event, or a private party, we cater our performance to your musical tastes every time. This unique combination of quality and customer service sets us apart.

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Workshops & Programming
  In addition to being bandleader of Asefa, Samuel Torjman Thomas is also a trained ethnomusicologist. Asefa programming is focused on bringing the musicians and the audience into a more intimate exchange about the processes and meaning of music. Workshops and programs are designed to strengthen understanding about and inspire participation in different world music styles, including Middle Eastern and North African musics, jazz, klezmer, and other Jewish musics.

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